VisitView Corporation is the maker of VisitView, a cloud application that manages Executive Briefing Centers, Solution Centers, Demo Centers, Executive Event Centers and similar facilities. Since 1997, VisitView has enabled managers of such centers to occupy a critical place in the relationship building process with their customers, employees and partners.

VisitView Cloud Application

VisitView is offered as a cloud application that is designed to alleviate the complexity of traditional software delivery models. Since we contractually promise not to raise your monthly subscription price (after adjusting for inflation), which includes all updates, reasonable configuration changes, support, etc., you have no hidden costs for the lifetime of your subscription. Our agreement is perpetual, which enables you to have complete peace of mind. Here are some features and benefits of VisitView.

24x7 real time monitoring We monitor your instance of VisitView for such things as security, availability, software errors (we usually know and resolve a problem before you are even aware of it), and backups.
Configuration changes We will make routine updates to your instance of VisitView such as adding and modifying forms, adding conference rooms, updating templates at no extra cost.
Help and end user support When help or a fix is required, we will work directly with the end user to resolve it at no extra cost.
Continuous software upgrades for new features VisitView evolves constantly and we update each instance with new features and enhancements about every other month with little or no disruption to your business and at no extra cost.
Software management such as installing patches and updating database schema All server, database and application management is done by us at no extra cost and minimal disruption to you.
On-demand training We will provide initial and on-going training as required at no extra cost.
Software and business process consulting Do you have a special need or an idea? Although VisitView is not a custom application per se, we will work with you to implement new ideas. And in most cases at no extra cost.
Fully customizable For hightly integrated installations, VisitView is fully customizable for special business processes, other application integration such as your CRM, digital signage, etc. and high security installations.

To learn more about VisitView, please visit our Features page